IRAN – Part 01

Iran, on the Persian Gulf is one of the world’s oldest continuous civilizations and Iranians are proud of their 5000 years of history Come and discover an unexpected beautiful land, ancient historical cities and unique cultural treasures Iran has 19 sites designated as World Heritage Sites by the UN Iran is a country located in Western Asia.

 The capital city is Tehran, and it is also the largest city in Iran. The currency is the Rial.

Iran is a wonderful travel destination, jam-packed with beautiful sights and attractions. It is not unusual for travellers to leave Iran with a promise to return – simply because they enjoyed themselves too much!If you’re embarking on your first trip to Iran, I’m excited for you.

Not sure where to get started?Iran has four sides, and in the journey from north to south, west and east, mountains, deserts, jungle and sea can be seen in four seasons, and this is considered the greatest potential of tourism in Iran. While the Lut desert is selected as the warmest and driest point in the world, Rasht has become famous for its heavy rainfall in the city of silver rains.You can flit between boho coffee shops and avant-garde art galleries in Tehran, or seek out majestic madrassahs in cities like Esfahan and Yazd. You can carve the pistes at Dizin or trace the footsteps of Xerxes and Darius at Persepolis.

10 Best Places to Visit in Iran


Tehran, the capital city of Iran, Take to the footpaths and wandering through this metropolis where the old and the new world meets.

 from the glittering Golestan Palace and the award-winning Nature Bridge to the renowned Grand Bazaar and the much-celebrated Treasury of National Jewels. But that’s not all, you can also drop by at one of the city’s excellent museums and serene gardens, or contemporary cafes, you can relax and enjoy all the goodies in Tehran.If you’re thinking that going to arduous road trips might be something like a near-death experience, there’s something you could do to experience the pure social fabric of Tehran in an entertaining way.

  • DO:

Tehran is known as “the city of museums” among people. This bustling metropolis embraces picturesque historical garden museums as well.

These amazing attractions combine history narrations with artistic creations to exhibit the glorious history as well as man-made artifacts. , Tehran garden museums can provide you a peaceful relaxing atmosphere.

Let’s explore the top 10 historical garden museums in Tehran you shouldn’t miss for an enjoyable visit and a memorable experience.

A 270-meter three level bridge connecting two parks in Tehran, the Tabi’at Bridge is probably the most beautiful piece of urban architecture built since the Revolution.

Opened in 2014, the Tabi’at Bridge (also known as the Nature Bridge in Tehran) is a popular hang out for Iranian’s who come to enjoy a variety of dining options, views and relaxation areas.

Even more incredibly- the Tabi’at Bridge was the brainchild of Iranian architecture student, Leila Araghian, who was only 26 at the time.

The winding alleys of the Grand Bazaar in Tehran look simply seductive and take you through an oriental journey. As you walk across, you will listen to the cries, the bustling people and glittering artefacts hanging to attract the customers.

 For nearly 1000 years, this market has been populated by vendors who sell Tehrani wares here. Thus, a visit to this market will not only offer you an opportunity to shop but also to make a cultural visit to the city and to understand it.

There are tea houses, mosques and stunning mausoleums that cross your path through the tiny lane ways and mazy corridors of the market. It’s a classic dome shaped Bazaar that symbolises the Middle Eastern and Asian markets.

Tochal Telecabin is probably the world’s longest gondola lift lines with a length of 7500 meter, The Tochal Ski resort and telecabin project started in 1974 and has been open to the public since 1978. It starts at the Velenjak valley in north of Tehran at an altitude of 1900 meter. and ends at the last station at an altitude of 3740 meter, near the main ridge of Mount Tochal.

 This gondola lift is used for accessing ski resorts and other recreational centres on the mountain. Beautiful landscape, mountain fresh air and a multitude of fresh water springs adds to the freshness of the area.

 With upgrading the safety standards of telecabin lines, families and sportspeople can enjoy the telecabin ride and other facilities with joy and pleasur. Located at the bottom of Mount Tochal, when you get to Darband, you will forget that you are actually in one of the most crowded cities ever.

Darband is a place filled with rivers, waterfalls and mountain trails. Many restaurant’s tables are placed onto the river itself and they serve some of the best kebabs in the city.

Moreover, there are plenty of dried fruit stalls, as well as many other local products. You can also go hiking, a very popular trek being the Mount Tochal peak, which is a 6-hour hike (one-way) and you can return by cable car.

· Eat

You’ll find cheap & good enough abgoosht stew in any of the places they call ghahvekhuneh (قهوه‌خانه) which you can find in any non-strictly-residential area. Just ask for a ghahvekhuneh or get this قهوه‌خانه printed and show it. Nice traditional working class ambience as a rule.

You can find several food courts around Tehran with a variety of cuisines from Thailand, India, Italy, China and Turkey.


Isfahan is one of the world’s most beautiful cities, an unforgettable international tourism destination popular all of over the world, an encyclopedia of Iranian and Islamic civilization, locally famous as half of the world. Isfahan presents the real Persian character, the most glorious in historical and architectural wealth. Monuments in Isfahan are great examples of our art and architecture. The great city and province of Esfahan (also spelled Isfahan, from the Middle Persian Spahān) is one of the most important and historic cities in Iran. Located some 420 km south of Tehran, it is the third-largest city in the country and had a population of 1.4 million (as of 2004). The city has a number of a Safavid palaces, as well as beautiful mosques, squares and other architectural features, which make Esfahan the jewel of Iran.

  • Do:

Climb Sofeh Mountain (2257m) 8km south of the city center or catch a Telecabin up for IRR200,000 (June 2016). Just walk around the park (with plastic pre-historic animals) is another option or go bowling at one of the bowling allies underneath the Telecabin station. From the park entrance, it is 3km to the top. The elevation difference is about 400m. Only the very last part of the trail requires some scrambling over rocks. To get to the park take a bus from Sofeh terminal, take a taxi or walk.

Cycle or walk along the beautiful Zayandeh river and enjoy well-maintained parks and historic bridges on the way. You can get a bicycle free of charge at the old city bus station. You have to leave an ID card or passport.

Go to Isfahan City Center at Dastgerdi Hwy Across Sepahan Shahr second Entrance to shop Iranian Clothes and souvenir, see the museum, play in an amusement park and dine in the food court

Enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride in the historic Naqshe-Jahan square.

Go to Sooreh Cinema in Amadegah Street for a glimpse of Iranian movies

Have a picnic in Nazhvan garden and enjoy the scenery

Take a walk in Chahar-Bagh street while enjoying Persian saffron ice-cream

Take cooking classes where you will learn how to cook delicious and typical Iranian food. Ingredients and recipes are provided by the teacher. After the classes, all the food prepared is eaten and shared together between students and teacher. Place: Anar Guesthouse Isfahan

Isfahan Aquarium, Enjoyment of Observing Oceans in Historic City: The first tunnel aquarium in Iran, Isfahan Aquarium, habitat to more than 6500 aquatic animals of 350 aquatic species from five continents, is located in Nazhvan Forest Park of Isfahan.

  • Buy:

Note that shops in the main square must pay an additional 8% tax on sales, which is passed on to the customer. Unless the item that you are purchasing is unique or inexpensive, you may be better off shopping outside of the main square.

For a real treasure trove, visit the famous bazaar.

Esfahan carpets are world-famous, being the very finest of the Persian carpets. They are also often extremely expensive. Carpets from the nearby town of Na’in are similar in style, also well-known, and are expensive too. For those who are interested, it is possible to buy the highly decorative and brightly colored traditional dress of Esfahan, but such clothing can be expensive, so it’s better to haggle for a reasonable price.

Miniatures These exquisite miniature paintings are painted on camel bone. Most of them are sold framed, . It can be more costly if the artwork is done by a miniature master. Shop and look at various shops before making your decision.

Khatam Kari Made out of thousands of tiny tips of colored wood sticks, these patterned handcrafts are popular among locals for framing pictures, gift boxes, backgammon and chess boards.

  • Eat:

Chelo kebab (kebab with rice) is a must; there are regional variations in Isfahan.

Beryan is a popular and tasty lunch dish in Isfahan. Many visitors wrongly call it “Biryani” which refers to the place that sells Bryan. This local dish is made of sheep meat and lung. Although it is generally known as a fatty dish if you would like to try it you may order a dietary one.

Fereni & Shireh (Fereni= A concoction of cereal, rice flour, water, and milk) at Fereni Hafez, which is along Hafez Street near Imam Square. Usually, they mix it with date essence. It costs IRR15000 for a small bowl or IRR25000 for a bigger one.

Khoresht mast is a popular dessert dish, only made in Isfahan. It is a sweet yellow pudding, which literally means “Yogurt Stew”. Saffron, meat, and yogurt are among the main ingredients.

Doogh-o-Gooshfil a strange combination of Doogh (yogurt drink – usually salty/sour) and Gooshfil (kind of sweet).

The Top 10 Things To  See

  • Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Ali Qapu Palace
  • Chehel Sotun Palace
  • Grand Bazaar
  • Si o Seh Bridge + Teahouse
  • Jameh Mosque
  • Vank Cathedral
  • Zoroastrian Ateshkadeh
  • Sofeh Mountain
  • Imam Mosque


Shiraz, located in the ancient province of Fārs (originally called Pārs, hence the word ‘Persia’), is a city of poets, philosophers and religious reformers.

Shiraz is also home to the Arg-e-Karīm—the citadel of Karīm Khān—as well as the tombs of the famous poets Hafez and Saadi. It is also situated near the ancient site of Persepolis, which can easily be visited by bus from the city. Persepolis, once the capital city of emperors Darius and Xerxes from about 550 BCE, all that remains are great towering columns, sphinxes and a fantastic stairway, which has friezes depicting the diverse population of the Persian Empire.

 The Persian king Karīm Khān Zand, made the city his capital in 1766 CE, until the Qajar dynasty seized the city in 1791 CE.


Retail stores usually open between 09:00 and 13:00, reopening again from 17:00 to 21:00. It is customary to haggle for a discount, which is referred to as a takhfeef.

Bazaar Vakeel – a huge ancient bazaar specializing in fine carpets, textiles, antiques and handicrafts and spices . There is also a wonderful courtyard with a pool located in the bazaar perfect for photographs. It is called ‘Saraye Moorshirr’. Visit Sharzeh and Hamam Vakeel for a great dining experience located just outside the bazaar.

Khan-e Zinat ol-Molk (The house of Zinat ol-molk), Next to Naranjestan Qavam. Historical house and adjoining gardens that house the Fars Dignatories museum.  edit

Aftab Fars Shopping Centre, MaaliAbaad Blv.

Hafez Shopping Centre, Afifabad Blv.

Persian Gulf Complex, Sepidan Hwy. Near Sadra and Golestan Towns

Setareh e Fars Shopping Centre, Afifabad Blv.

Sina Shopping Centre, Motahhari Blv.

Zaytoon Shopping Center, Paramount Intersection.

Soltanie Shopping Center,Motahari square

  • Eat:

Kebab with rice – like elsewhere in Iran, the mighty old kebab with rice is a common fare, though Shiraz does offer a local variation on the national dish.

Shirazi Salad – A delicious and famous salad available throughout Iran, made with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and a simple lemon juice and olive oil dressing.

Kalam polo – A traditional food found only in Shiraz. Some delivery food restaurants serve this food but it can be hard to find in normal restaurants. It is a dish made of Rice, meat balls, chopped cabbage and some other vegetables and spices.

Ash shirazi – It is a kind of soup made of vegetables and meat. It is served all over the city early in the morning. People eat this for breakfast. But please note that it’s only served really early in the morning (from roughly 5 to 7 a.m).

Masghati Halva – a great dessert and snack.

Nokhod(Chickpea) Cookie – delicious cookie made of chickpeas, known as one of Shiraz’s souvenirs.

Shirazi Paloodeh – Paloodeh is an ice cream made of rice starch, which takes the form of noodles. It is flavored with “sharbat” (sugar water), which can be of different flavors. Shirazian paloodeh is the best paloodeh in Iran especially when mixed with Bahar-e-Naranj liquor.

The Top 10 Things To  See

  • Tomb of Hafez
  • Tomb of Sa’di
  • Vakil Bazaar
  • Eram Garden
  • Shah-e Cheragh Mausoleum
  • Nasir ol-Mulk Mosque
  • Persepolis
  • Naqsh-e Rostam and Naqsh-e Rajab
  • Pasargadae
  • Karim Khan Citadel


Differing from the above cities in climate and geography, Yazd is an ancient, desert city in the heart of Iran. Known as the “city of wind towers”, Yazd is famous for its traditional brocade, silk-weaving, and unique architecture. Located some 270 km southeast of Esfahan province, Yazd is hot and dry, being situated between two deserts: Dasht-e-Kavīr and Kavīr-e-Lūt.

Take a day trip to Kharanaq (must visit place – one of the last remaining mud cities of Iran), Chak Chak (a plgrimage center for Zoroastrians, rather underwhelming) and Narin Castle, Meybod (probably the oldest bulding in Iran, dating back to atleast 2000 BC). Usually visited together, these places take around 7 or 8 hours including travel.


Art house: This tiny, friendly rooftop teahouse is the perfect place to enjoy soup, tea and cake with one of the best views in town. There’s a craft shop and workshop downstairs.

Take an evening trip to the lake (Jafar’s Pond) in the nearby desert (highly recommended). There you can walk in the desert to the lake, go dune bashing, ride quad bikes and/or camel. The Tourist Information office near coin museum offers this tour, as does a small office located between the Silk Road Gallery and Cafe Irani. The latter office’s personnel & guides are so friendly.

Walk around in the historic neighborhoods and relax in the parks.

Hike up in the beautiful mountains of Yazd and enjoy a spectacular view of the city.

Chill in the city’s cafes and chat with local Iranians. Most likely, they will be very interested in talking with you.

Take a free Persian language class at the Vaziri Museum, next to the Jame Mosque entry. The teacher is very friendly and speaks good English. He can teach you some very helpful basic Farsi words and phrases. He can also guide you through the museum and has great insights on Iranian culture.

Varzesh-e Pahlavani: (near Amir Chaqmaq Square). 18:30. Watch the fascinating performance of Persian ancient “heroic sport” which is a combination of martial arts, strength training and aerobic to the rhythm of traditional Persian singing and drumming. The sports centre (which alone is a fascinating building) is located in one of the side streets near Amir Chaqmaq Square. Ask around and everybody will show you the direction. It’s a popular show among tourists and the rooms fills up with them so come earlier to secure a place. If you’re into this kind of performances / sport, come even earlier (at 5pm) to watch the warm-up without any other tourists present 40000.

Traditional Hamam:(Mirza Reza Traditional Hamam), (it’s located and well indicate in the old town, ‘near’ Alexander prison). Get a good scrub and massage at the Mirza Reza Traditional Hamam. One of the few hamams not being used as restaurants or museums.


 Iran’s most famous snacks, nougat and cashews are available. Yazd is very famous in Iran for its various handicrafts, such as carpet, silk fabrics, cashemers and also for its pastries. If you are looking for Persian carpets at reasonable prices, there are many Persian carpets to choose from at the bazaar.


Tourists say old-fashioned Persian Restaurants are the best way to go if you want a friendlier and more cultural atmosphere. Many restaurants serve the standard Iranian kebab. There are a few international restaurants in Yazd which serve Italian, Indian, Arabian and Mexican food. Typical of hot towns, most places are closed after 4 PM, so make sure you grab your lunch on time.

The traditional restaurants and tea house of Kohan Hotel serve various Iranian traditional dishes such as fessenjun, gheimeh as well as some European and Indian dishes. It has a nice atmosphere and is located near the Alexander Prison.

The Haji Khalifeh confectionery shop located at the the Amir Chaqmaq square is famous for their sweets, especially the baghlava. But be prepared to wait a bit as the place is usually crowded.

The Cafe inside the Dolat Abad Garden serves a very cooling herbal drink (looks like clear water) that comes in two flavours. Recommended.

Amir Chaqmaq square. For best shish kebabs in town go to Amir Chaqmaq square. In the passage below the mosque there is a number of filled-with-locals kebab eateries where you can have a piece from 16k rials (kidneys, livers, hearts) up to 35k rials (lamb) served with a complimentary bread and onion. Superb taste and interesting local experience

The Top 10 Things To  See

  • Amir Chakhmaq Complex
  • Saheb A Zaman Zurkhaneh
  • Zoroastrian Ateshkadeh
  • Towers Of Silence
  • Chak Chak
  • Old Town
  • Jame Mosque
  • Bagh-E Dowlatabad
  • Saryazd Fortress
  • Kharanaq village


Tabriz is located in the north-western region of Iran known as East Azerbaijan Province (not the actual country called Azerbaijan, although they share a common border in the north).

Called the ‘City of Compassion’, Tabriz is one of the most historic and important cities of Iran. It also has a number of historic and beautiful sites, such as the Blue Mosque of Tabriz and the ruins of the Rab‘-e-Rashidi University (which is 700 years’ old).

Other things to see in the city include the Tabriz Bazaar, Constitution House, Quran Museum, the Arg-e-Tabriz and the Anglican church. The city also historically important as the it included the first post office in the country, as well as the first fire station and first public library.

 Famous poets who came from or lived in the city include Rumi and Shams-e-Tabrizi.

  • Do:

Visit the Mountain of 7 Colors or Vinicunca: .One of the most magnificent natural wonders that usually gets passed over, though, are the spectacular colourful mountains of Tabriz.

TABRIZ BAZAAR COMPLEX, THE LARGEST COVERED BAZAAR IN IRAN:UNESCO registered The Tabriz Bazaar Complex as a World Heritage Site in 2010. It is worth to know that the bazaar was the first one in its kind to be nominated as a valuable monument. The magnificent Bazaar consists of 24 caravanserais (sets of rooms sets around the courtyard), and 22 impressive sub-bazaars, which covers about 7 kilometer2. The sub-bazaar are known as Timcheh (domed halls).It is believed that the main part of the complex was built over a millennium ago, however much of the fine brick vaulting dates back to the 15th century.The Bazaars in Iran don’t have commercial usage only, and they play a great role in hosting religious ceremonies. One of the most important and popular ceremonies also held all over the country is the Day of Ashura.


The Qajar Museum of Tabriz, which was originally the house of Amir Nezam, is one of the oldest quarters in the city, which was built in the period of the Crown Prince Abbas Mirza (1789-1833). The house turned to the museum in 2006 and exhibits items dedicated to the Qajar dynasty (1781-1925).

Amir Nezam Garousi served in various governmental positions. He is best remembered for his exemplary prose in the Persian language.

Tabriz Miniatrure Park. Coordinates: 38.064406, 46.332595 A quiet little park away from the tourist attractions. It’s a nice change from the always busy El Goli where tourists can always count on the locals interest. Here you can enjoy a few quiet hours in the shade and among flowers and none will bother you. It’s a very local spot, couples, families sitting on the grass, chatting away the day. It’s unlikely that you bump into any other tourists. Also, there are a set of miniature building models in the park, each represents a famous building in Iran. It’s very nice. If you would like to stay for the night, there is free camping just 200 metres away in the neighbouring campsite, with free facilities.

Shahgoli Park Shahgoli park is another spot not-to-be-missed when you travel to Tabriz. This park is a bit away from the center, but definitely worth the trek (a trek by taxi, that is). There are several food stalls around the park and outside the park’s perimeter, and an upscale restaurant in the center of it. An artificial lake rings the park walkway, making it particularly pretty in the evening. The park is a Tabrizian favorite come evening time, and a great way to meet locals. Better yet, head there with one of the locals that you’ll inevitably meet while wandering around Tabriz.

  • Eat:

Kabab (or Kebab), rice, Abgousht (Meat broth) some restaurants serve them all, but if you step inside a more modest Tchelowkebabi, odds are you won’t have much choice apart from the traditional rice and kebab. But still you can finid some resturants which serve all, for instance there is a historical bath in tabriz which now has became a traditional resturant and it serves both Abgousht, Kufteh, and other foods. Kufteh Tabrizi (Meat ball) Tabrizians most popular food; very delicious.

Confectioneries and Dried Nuts There are lots of confectioneries which are speacially for tabriz Qurabiya is one of the most delicious and famous ones, there are other confectioneries such as Nuga(or Nuqa), others like Ris, there are also lots of other kinds of confectioneries, you may name Tabriz as the capital city for eating! Nuts just one thing: you don’t wanna miss them, although they are a bit expensive but it’s worth, they’re very delicious. you can enjoy Tabriz so much, if you have a guide it will help you out to find and go to lots of monuments and also to save up lots of money, because they know how to and where to buy things to be affordable so the money you pay for your guide makes you enjoy, it depends on your luck if you find a good guide or not, but you can ask for it from tourist information.

Restaurants You may find very great restaurants downtown or outskirts of Tabriz which serve delicious foods.

Baghe Ana Restaurant (also called Ana Restaurant). This restaurant is the best and well known Restaurant of Tabriz which is located in outskirt and where handy to get there just by taxi. The place is very cozy and scenic with lots of trees such as banana trees which you rarely can find in Iran. They serve great local cuisines such as Abgusht, different kinds of Kebab and fish and so on. You certainly will enjoy your time eating and relaxing there.

The Top 10 Things To  See

  • Tabriz Bazaar
  • Blue Mosque
  • Tabriz citadel
  • Jameh Mosque
  • Azerbaijan Museum
  • Mausoleum of Poets
  • Elgoli Park
  • Kandovan village
  • St Stephanos Monastery, Jolfa
  • Eynali Mountain Range


Kish is a 35-square-mile island about 12 miles off the coast of Iran. Once a private resort of the former Shah and his elite guests, Kish is the more luxurious and developed of the two main Iranian islands. Like Qeshm, it is also a free-trade zone, and foreign tourists require no visa for up to 14 days, meaning that even if you cannot make it to the mainland, you can still hop over to Kish to get a taste of Persian hospitality.

Whether you are an adventurous scuba diver looking to explore the coral reefs of Persian Gulf or looking for a warm sunny beach to lie down on the silver sand, enjoy the smell of salt and read your book; Kish Trade-Industrial Free Zone Island has it all for you.

 Kish is one of smaller islands in Persian Gulf and one of the most beautiful coral islands in the world.

 The main attraction of this island is its gorgeous beaches. Even though Kish is not a big island (91 km²) most of its area is covered by beautiful beaches where you can go swimming in the blue-gem waters of the gulf.

 The coral reefs in the bed of the sea purify water and make it crystal clear so you can see the underwater world and enjoy your beach relaxation even more.

The Top 10 Things To  See

  • Water Sports
  • Biking
  • Greek Ship
  • Marjan Beach
  • Kariz Underground City
  • Harireh Ancient City
  • The Twin Water Reservoir
  • Kish Sea Turtles
  • Green Tree Complex
  • Kish Dolphin Park


Kandovan is actually more of a village than a city, depending on one’s definition of what a city is, of course, but it merits mention here due to its amazing stone structures.

 Kandovan, which is located 50km south of Tabriz, still within East Azerbaijan Province, is renowned for its beautiful homes which are carved inside the rocks of a hill. Some of the houses are over 700 years’ old and are still used as homes today.

 These ancient buildings, some of which have been whitewashed to give a more modern look, are decorated with carpets and fabrics and support communities of roughly 170 families


Kashan is a city in the Isfahan province of Iran. Kashan is the first of the large oases along the Qom-Kerman road which runs along the edge of the central deserts of Iran. Its charm is thus mainly due to the contrast between the parched immensities of the deserts and the greenery of the well-tended oasis.

Archeological discoveries in the Sialk Hillocks which lie 2.5 miles (4 km) west of Kashan reveal that this region was one of the primary centers of civilization in pre-historic ages. Hence Kashan dates back to the Elamite period of Iran.The Sialk ziggurat still stands today in the suburbs of Kashan after 7000 years. After world known Iranian historical cities such as Isfahan and Shiraz, Kashan is a common destination for foreign tourists due to numerous historical places.

pril-May (Ordibehesht) is the time that rose bushes blossom in Kashan. Golab Giri ( Rose water distillation festival ) starts after picking the Mohammadi Rose’s bloom of the vast Rose gardens in Kashan. The traditional ceremony of obtaining rose hydrosol attracts a great number of people from around the country and tourists to Kashan, QamsarNiasar and other neighbourhood cities.

Rosewater is obtained from a very sweet smelling kind of the flowers, best known as Mohammadi roses in the country. Rosewater and rose oil are major products of the damask rose. Harvesting damask rose flowers is somewhat an intensive work. It is mostly performed from dawn through morning. Delay in harvesting or transport to distillery results in decreased essential oil quantity and quality.

  • Do:

Go shopping in traditional bazaar.

Visit beautiful rose gardens in the suburbs of the city and see how traditional methods for rose water production works during spring season.

  • Buy:

Carpet and rose water are the two world known products of the city.

Traditional cookies.


The Top 10 Things To  See

  • Visit the Agha Bozorg Mosque
  • Discover the 5,000 years old remains of the Tepe Sialk ziggurat
  • Explore the gorgeous architecture of Kashan Bazaar
  • Experience traditional Persian architecture at the Tabatabaei House, Ameri House, and Abbasi House
  • See the stunning tilework in Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse
  • Walk through the vast Bagh-e-Fin Garden
  • Buy some authentic Kashan rugs
  • Enjoy a bowl of delicious khoresh-e-loobi
  • Head out to Aran o Bidgol to see the shrine of Imamzadeh Hilal Ibn Ali
  • Explore the traditional architecture of the village of Abyane


About 1050 meters above sea level, where the air is thinner, cooler and less polluted there is the 1000-year-old mountain village of Masuleh located right up to a beautiful green valley. Masuleh is a city in the capital of Sardar-e Jangal District, in Fuman County, Gilan Province, Iran.

 Historical names for the city include Māsalar and Khortāb. It was founded in the 10th century AD. The village is located approximately 60 km southwest of Rasht and 32 km west of Fuman and near the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. The first village of Masuleh was established around 1006 AD, 6 km northwest of the current city, and it is called Old-Masuleh (Kohneh Masuleh in Persian).

Notable for its traditional wooden buildings, clustered on the northern slopes of the valley, Masuleh is registered as National Cultural and Natural Heritage in Iran, one of the sites of the UNESCO. The village is rich in tangible and intangible heritage. The surrounding mountains provide many opportunities for trekking, climbing and other activities.

If you’re searching for natural attractions besides the architecture, you won’t have to look far. Masuleh is surrounded by green mountains, mesmerizing jungles, waterfall, and several rivers. Masouheh-Rood-Khan is the river passing through the city, with a waterfall located just 200 meters away from the village. Some peaks around the village can be climbed. If you hike up in the hills, you will encounter the true shepherds and get the feeling of traveling back in time.

  • Do:

Hiking Masouleh is located in the heart of Albourz mountain range which makes it a great place for hiking. There are several paths for hiking that leads to different peaks. Among the destinations are; Lalandiz, Kohrobar, Shah Moelem, Kaleh Qandi and Khalil dasht. The highest peak in Masouleh is Shah Moelem which is located in north west of Masouleh with 3051 meter altitudes. There is a nice tour operator offering hiking tours around Masouleh.


There are restaurants catering for tourists. Also, you can buy tasty fresh made bread from market, other supplies from a couple of shops and prepare something to eat yourself.


Mashhad is one of the largest metropolitan cities on the northeastern Iran. The mausoleum of the eighth Shia Imam is the reason, Mashhad is one of the most popular cities for Muslim tourists from different countries of the world.

 This city, which was at the time of the Afsharian, the capital of Iran, is the second largest city after Tehran and has many historical and cultural attractions for tourists.

 In addition, many amusement hot spots such as water parks, traditional and modern markets, restaurants with diverse Iranian and international cuisines … have made Mashhad a perfect destination for all tourists with different tastes.

Mashhad has three large bazaars. Interesting things to buy include Khorassan crafts, fur-cloak, jewelry, perfume, saffron, and religious souvenirs.

  • Eat:

Iranian cuisine is tasty, while not spicy. Chello Kebab is a very popular dish as well as Bakhtiari Kebab. Their are also different kinds of breads available. So eating will be a assured good and affordable experience in Mashhad

You can find lots of great restaurants and all kinds of fast-foods are available. the most advertised restaurant of Mashhad (and one of the most expensive) is ‘Padide Shandiz’. There are also numerous other decent restaurants in Shandiz.

You can find a kind of ice-cream named ice pack “persian: آیس پک” in mashhad. it’s really great to taste it. There are lots of Ice Pack bars in mashhad. The main one is placed at “Shariati Sqr”. This kind of ice-cream can be found with all kinds of flavors like “chocolate , apple , cherry , strawberry , coffee , peach and all kind of fruits you can imagine.

The Top 10 Things To  See

  • Imam Reza Shrine Complex
  • Shrine Complex Museums
  • Kuh-E Sangi Park
  • Mashhad Bazaar
  • Boq’eh-Ye Khajeh Rabi
  • Tomb of Ferdowsi, Tus
  • Tomb Of Omar Khayyam, Neishapur
  • Kang Village
  • Bazehur Fire Temple
  • Radkan Tower

There is a short distance between the cities in Iran.

After knowing about the best places, you will be excited to be introduced about north and south of Iran ,traditional food and different ethnicities, you will love it.


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