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“Iran is a multi-ethnic nation with different ethnic groups that includes Persians, Kurds, Lurs, Arabs, Baluchs, Turkmen, Azeri, Mazandaranis, Gilaks, Talysh, Tats. The country enjoys a mix of cultures borrowed from far and wide. The many language spoken in Iran have similarities to European and Asian languages. Persian is the largest ethnic group in Iran. The ethnic group makes up more than half of the nation’s population, due to Persian dominance; the group’s culture has had a significant impact on other cultures in the country.

North of Iran

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Visiting Chalous on your tour to Iran at any season is appealing. The road crawls up on the mountains next to the beautiful valleys that each season has its own beautiful color; lush green spring and summers, vibrant yellow and red autumns, and all-white winters. Chalous Road passes through many canyon sides and it is one of the most beautiful mountain roads in Iran, it is also famous as canyon road among travelers. One of the best attractions is to visit south part of Alborz mountain range, beside Karaj River.

Many tunnels and finally a great landscape of the canyons, restaurants and waterfalls is finished by a pristine view of Hyrcanian mixed forest.

  • Mazandaran

A green province being famous for attracting not only local tourists but also foreign ones. Being surrounded by the Caspian Sea, jungle, and mountain which create wonderful climate.

 Its crucial cities are entitled Sari, Babol, Amol, Ghaem Shahr, and Tonekabon. Mazandaranians speak Farsi with special dialect but the origin of their language refers to Tabari or Mazani.

Here are the most beautiful places to visit in Mazandaran

Choort Lake

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The initial name of Choort Lake is Miansheh, but is called Choort after the name of the village. The foggy weather around the lake, the trees that are rooted in the bottom it, the sounds of animals and birds which echo in the silence of the forest seem to be from Choort lake, a place where is far from the dry and hot weather of Iran deserts.

Oben Waterfall

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One of the most completely intact moss waterfalls in Iran.  Being nourished from the springs around and pour to the Shirinrood River.

Dalkhani Forest

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Also known as Heaven Way, with good weather and the smell of moisture, provide the opportunity for tourist to go camping.

After walking in this wonderful jungle, we will arrive in several villages. There you can get familiar with the locals’ culture; this place attracts lots of tourists, every year lots of tours were organized and depending on your tour guide,

 You will experience different ways of walking in jungles or on mountains.


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Due to its 2,700-meter-high altitudes, entitled to be the land of clouds and the roof of Mazandaran. In order to escape the hot weather in spring and summer, this is the best place.

 “Fil” in the Mazandarani dialect means fatigue, and “Band “also means something that cannot be reached, and it is because of the high altitude and the wiggly path of this village.


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Ramsar is one of the dreamiest cities in the northern part of Iran, located in the western part of Mazandaran province which is full of beautiful and unique attractions.

Traveling to this city and make sure to visit Javaherdeh village,  Markooh castle, Ramsar Cable Car, Ramsar Marble Palace, Safarood Forest Park, Grasmasar Summer Resort, Sadat Mahalleh, Luca Cave and Mijran Dam.

Calcareous Waterfalls and Lefour Forests:

At the beginning of the trip, you will enter the beautiful area, called Shirkooh.

After crossing this area, you arrive in Savadkouh Forest. In fact, by getting in the Savadkooh and the Lefour Forest, a registered zone on the World Heritage List, where you will be able to watch beautiful Calcareous Waterfalls.

Badab Sourt Springs

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Badab Sourt is the name of a stepping spring at an altitude of 1841 meters above sea level, considered to be a unique phenomenon in Iran and it is rare to be found in the world.

A thousand years spring, with many floors, each with a different color and scent, demonstrate a wonderful perspective.

Sisangan Beach

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On the one hand, the beautiful Caspian Sea, and on the other hand, the green forests of Hirkani and Alborz Mountains not only make the north part of Iran so attractive but also provide a great opportunity for tourists and travelers to experience life in nature.

Javaher deh

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Javaher Deh Village, 27 kilometers from Ramsar and in Sakht Sar Rural District and on Alborz Mountains of 2000 meters height, is located in the skirts of high Samasus Mountains and among pastures and grasses. Lapa Sar with its famous and medicinal springs and Samamus and the Tomb of Shah Yahya Kiayi on Chakad Summit of Samamus ith permanent frieges are some of the sights and attractive places in Javaher Deh Village.

 The upper streams of this village along with outstanding waterfalls, the vast forest park between the valley that is beside Safarud River and a river with sparkling mineral water are some of the tourist attractions in the area.


Both linguistically and ethnically unique, the people of Gilan are renowned for their cuisine, relaxed lifestyle and bossy women. Gilan has two languages – Gilaki and Talashi. Gilaki was traditionally spoken by the low-land people and Talashi is the tongue of the mountain people.

 Both distinct from one another and Farsi (the official national language) these languages still are spoken by most of Gilan’s population today.

Here are the most beautiful places to visit in Gilan


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Rasht is the capital city of Gilan with a population of 700,000. Two rivers run through Rasht city and out to the Caspian Sea. Having been occupied by Russians for brief periods in the 18th, 19th and 20th century, Rasht is a melting pot of European, Russian, Soviet and Persian culture.

 If you travel to Rasht, you can enjoy the many tea houses on the river and the picturesque town square. You can consider using Rasht as a base to explore the Gilan region.

Qale Rudkhan

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Probably Gilan’s most iconic touristic site, Qale Rudkhan is a must see. Located just outside of the town of Fuman or 50 minutes’ drive from Rasht, the site is centered around the ruins of the 1,300 year old Rudkhan castle.

Set in the temperate rain forests of the area, you can easily spend a day here trekking up to the castle and enjoying the river, waterfalls, restaurants and traditional tea houses that surround the site.

Lahijan Tea Tasting Tour

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If you are interested in an amazing tea experience, consider taking our private Iran tea tour and tea tasting.

We will take you out on a guided walk in our tea fields located in Lahijan that is one of the most important cities of Iran’s northern Gilan province with regard to tea farming to taste our teas.

Desert of Iran

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One of the best things to do when visiting Iran is to treat you to a trip to the desert.

Why? Incredible photo opportunities, breathtaking views and moments of complete peace and Those who brave a visit will soon discover the beautifully strange scenery that make this place one of a kind.

Camp outside under the stars and you will feel tiny between the surreal rock formations.

  • Varzaneh Desert
  • Maranjab Desert and salt lake
  • Bafgh Desert
  • Lut Desert
  • Martian Mountains
  • Isfahan Desert
  • Dasht-e-kavir


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First, the landscapes are wonderful: geological canyons sculpted by the sea and the wind over the centuries, mangrove forests, salt cave, small villages with wind towers, dry valleys… The Valley of Stars, as well as Chahkook Canyon are must-sees.

Second, Qeshm has kept a real authenticity, preserved from the crazy modernity, and is home to “Bandari” people. This ethnic group has its own cultures and traditions, from clothes to food, music, dance (Bandari dance is unique, believe me!), and even language, as they speak Bandari and not Farsi. It’s truly different from the rest of Iran.


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Its sand dunes diving into the sea at Darak Beach, for its incredible “Martian Mountains”, for the very unique and colorful culture of Baluchis, influenced by neighboring Pakistan.To discover a region far from being invaded by tourists (it’s a euphemism). Probably the most surprising and fascinating Iranian province…

Southern music is very specific and notorious, finding its roots in African influences.


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A great number of those people traveling to Iran, have had memorable days of their visits to Kerman tourist attractions.

Kerman is the largest province of Iran and has got several ancient sights to offer. On the other hand, it is growing into a large industrial center in Iran and preparing for much better services for those who stay there as travelers.

Fabulous architecture, a lot of local culture, Zoroastrian faith and fire temples, traditional handicrafts and beautiful landscape are some of the highlights this province offers to its visitors.

Bandar Abbas

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Bandar Abbas is the center of Hormozgan province and it’s also one of Iran’s major strategic and trade centers at the coasts of the Persian gulf and Sea of Oman. Bandar Abbas, which is located at the south of Hormozgan province, reaches the highlands and mountains from the north and the sea from the south.

Bandar Abas has been one of the main ports of Iran on the Silk Road, in a way that the trade caravans would go through the customs procedures in this city and use this route to transport their goods to Europe, Africa and America. Nowadays, Bandar Abbas is one of the most important trade ports of Iran and it is very popular among the people due to having markets, shopping centers, free sea and gulf and historical attractions. Right now, Bandar Abbas is the largest port of Iran.

Iran Nomad

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There is no doubt that a vast country like Iran, offers an endless attraction list to tourists with hundreds of exciting options to visit. However, there are also some less-common experiences that you can have while exploring Iran. Experiences which let you immerse yourself deeper in the actual life of the locals and the existing culture of the country. By reading this article, you may even decide to skip all the famous destinations to avoid over tourism and crowds and instead, experience a totally different trip with new, exciting experiences.

What a better way to experience an authentic lifestyle than spending a night or even a few days with Iranian nomads? This is one of the greatest experiences you can have in Iran. Nomads spend most of their life in breathtakingly beautiful nature in different parts of the country and yet, technology and other aspects of modern life have not affected their lives.

They are bound with nature and it is the reason for their simplicity and generosity. Nomad tents are open to guests like their hearts. They are incredibly hospitable and offer you their organic food, delicious cuisine, and natural products.

 In Iran Nomad Tour, you will have the chance to visit, live, eat and sleep in a nomadic camp with a real nomad family.

You can experience their real lifestyle and join them to make bread, weave Persian carpet, take the goats and sheep out together with other families and have fun.

 You are also able to dress like them and go hiking or mountain climbing and discover nature along with a local guide.

Persian cuisine

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The culinary methods and styles used in Iran are completely unique, though we can’t deny that our style has been influenced by our neighbor countries. But we can say that we have also influenced our neighbors, no less if not more. These effects have helped improve both sides’ styles throughout history.

Persian food and cuisine are some of the most delicious and fresh in the entire world. Rice and bread are the main part of every Persian meal which is consumed with meat and vegetable dishes along with yogurt.

Iranians have a variety of different breads (Naan) which are thinner compared to other countries and most of them are flat.

Many Persian dishes have some kind of sour flavour that is achieved through the addition of dried lemon (limo amani), pomegranate or sour oranges.

Unlike many countries, the dishes in Iran have fruits like pomegranates, quince, prunes, apricots and different sorts of fresh green herbs such as Ja’faree (Parsley), Reyhaan (Basil), etc. alongside them as accompaniments.

Typical Persian Main Dishes are Combinations of :

  • Rice along with meat, like lamb, chicken, or fish
  • Vegetables such as onions, garlic
  • Differing kinds of herbs, and nuts.

Essential Ingredients

Another unique aspect of Iranian cuisine is the spices and additives. For example saffron, cinnamon, Fennel, clove, and so on. These spices add characteristically particular tastes and flavors to the food that are mostly specific to Iranian dishes.Iranians love eating fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and grains. They also include a lot of lamb, sheep, and chicken served with rice and unleavened or semi-leavened bread. When it comes to beverages, the favorite drink is black tea.

Iran is brimming with so many fabulous things to see, people to meet and places to eat.


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