Meet The Travel Professionals


Our management team has over 45 years of combined experience.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Ali Najafi
  • Place of birth: Mashad, Iran
  • Experience in Travel and Tourism: 21 Years
  • Favorite Destination: Inside The Volcano, Iceland

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Engineering from the University of Razi in Kermanshah, Iran, he decided to follow his passion and joined travel and tourism industry. To earn necessary knowledge and skills he took more than 14 different courses operated by various industry leaders such as Homa, Iran Air, Amadeus Iran, and Qatar Airway.

His desire to experience new cultures and learn the history of other countries drove him to travel and explore more than 20 Countries (and counting).

He founded Apadana Travel Corp in North Vancouver, Canada with the purpose of providing first class travel service to the community. His warm personality along with his expertise in the travel and tourism industry made him one of the most successful travel business managers in Vancouver, Canada.

Personal Travel Tip: Always pack your passport first before anything else.

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Keivan Karbalaei
  • Place of birth: Isfahan, Iran
  • Experience in Travel and Tourism: 25 Years
  • Favorite Destination: Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Keivan was born and raised in a family of travel industry pioneers. His father was one of the innovators in the tourism industry and one of the first one to introduce the land of Persia to the international world of travellers.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in Accounting, he started to work in a family operated travel agency in Isfahan. It was a natural progression for him to become a travel agent, a job which gives him great enjoyment. To stay knowledgeable as a travel expert, he frequently attends professional courses designed and taught by various airlines.

He founded Apadana Travel Corp in North Vancouver, Canada with the purpose of providing first class travel service to the community.

Has been to many exciting destinations, 19 countries and counting.

Personal Travel Tip: Plan on arriving to check-in 2 hours before the flight’s departure time. Leave some extra time for the unexpected.

Tailor Made Travel Packages

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Travel Experts

Let us exceed your expectations with our dedicated team.

Senior Travel Consultant
Shadi Emamipour
  • Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
  • Experience in Travel and Tourism: 18 Years
  • Favourite Destination: Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia
  • Joined Apadana Travel in January 2019

Shadi studied Social Science Planning, and obtained bachelor’s degree from Azad University Tehran, Iran. She decided to follow her dreams and enter to Travel industry. To gain necessary skills she obtained Tourism Management Certificate from A.Tabatabaei Institute in Iran.

She said “Travel is my passion, so I made it my career”

She worked in a travel agency for 6 years where she earned extensive experience in different areas. In 2005 she joined Qatar Airways, a five-star airline, where she broadens her knowledge and experience in ticketing and Aviation industry and worked as a reservation & ticketing supervisor for 12 years.

She is always looking for opportunities to go somewhere new and experience different styles of travel. She visited most of Europe, Asia, Australia and America and she truly believes “Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.”

Personal Travel Tip: Plan everything in advance

Travel Consultant
Fahimeh Zargarani
  • Place of birth: Neyshaboor, Iran
  • Experience in Travel and Tourism: 12 Years
  • Favourite Destination: Barcelona, Spain
  • Joined Apadana Travel in March 2019

Fahimeh graduated in Geography and Urban Planning from Azad University of Garmsar, Iran.

Her passion for travel droves her to want to help others plan a magical vacation therefore she joined travel industry in 2008.

Through her career journey from being a sales agent to a travel sales manager, she gained extensive and valuable experience in travel and tourism industry.

To meet her professional development goals, she attended several courses presented by Iran Air and Amadeus Iran in ticketing and reservation as well as international marketing management certificate from Universidad de Huelva, Spain. All of these has provided her with excellent understanding of travel and tourism market dynamics and strategies.

She visited many countries and Believes “Travel don’t become adventure until you leave yourself behind”

She believes there is nothing more beautiful than being able to witness sunsets over the waters and waking up to gorgeous locales.

Personal Travel Tip: Don’t over plan your trip.


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