Meet The Travel Professionals


Our management team has over 45 years of combined experience.

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Ali Najafi
  • Place of birth: Mashad, Iran
  • Experience in Travel and Tourism: 21 Years
  • Favorite Destination: Inside The Volcano, Iceland

After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Agriculture Engineering from the University of Razi in Kermanshah, Iran, he decided to follow his passion and joined travel and tourism industry. To earn necessary knowledge and skills he took more than 14 different courses operated by various industry leaders such as Homa, Iran Air, Amadeus Iran, and Qatar Airway.

His desire to experience new cultures and learn the history of other countries drove him to travel and explore more than 20 Countries (and counting).

He founded Apadana Travel Corp in North Vancouver, Canada with the purpose of providing first class travel service to the community. His warm personality along with his expertise in the travel and tourism industry made him one of the most successful travel business managers in Vancouver, Canada.

Personal Travel Tip: Always pack your passport first before anything else.

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Keivan Karbalaei
  • Place of birth: Isfahan, Iran
  • Experience in Travel and Tourism: 25 Years
  • Favorite Destination: Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Keivan was born and raised in a family of travel industry pioneers. His father was one of the innovators in the tourism industry and one of the first one to introduce the land of Persia to the international world of travellers.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in Accounting, he started to work in a family operated travel agency in Isfahan. It was a natural progression for him to become a travel agent, a job which gives him great enjoyment. To stay knowledgeable as a travel expert, he frequently attends professional courses designed and taught by various airlines.

He founded Apadana Travel Corp in North Vancouver, Canada with the purpose of providing first class travel service to the community.

Has been to many exciting destinations, 19 countries and counting.

Personal Travel Tip: Plan on arriving to check-in 2 hours before the flight’s departure time. Leave some extra time for the unexpected.

Tailor Made Travel Packages

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Travel Experts

Let us exceed your expectations with our dedicated team.

Senior Travel Consultant
  • Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
  • Experience in Travel and Tourism: 20 Years
  • Favorite Destination: Santa Monica, California, USA
  • Joined Apadana Travel in Dec 2021

Welcome to the world of travel with Reza Emami! With over 20 years of expertise in travel and tourism,
Reza brings a wealth of experience to the table. Having earned dual bachelor’s degrees in accounting
management and English translation, Reza’s journey started in the dynamic realm of travel agencies,
where he served in diverse roles such as Technical Manager, Ticketing Senior Staff, and excelled in Tour
and Holidays Sales, as well as Visa Department operations.

Prior to joining Apadana Travel in December 2021, Reza contributed significantly to Airfrance-KLM
European Airlines for 7 years, showcasing versatility in Call Center operations, Ticketing, Corporate Desk,
Mileage Department, Transit Visa Desk, and Sales Support. His expertise further expanded during his 6-
year tenure at Amadeus Iran, where he thrived as Help Desk Support, Instructor, and Product Advisor.

Reza’s extensive travel portfolio spans the globe, including captivating destinations like Santa Monica,
CA, his personal favorite. In Asia, he explored the enchanting landscapes of Malaysia, Thailand, and
Indonesia. Across Europe, Reza has immersed himself in the cultures of the Netherlands, France,
Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, and Portugal. His Middle Eastern
journeys led him through Turkey, the UAE, and Qatar, while Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne and
North America’s Canada, USA, and Mexico have also been part of his explorations.
For Reza, life is a journey, and more travel is his perpetual goal. Join him in discovering the wonders of
the world – where every destination is an opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

Personal travel Tip :
Pack light, plan ahead, and embrace flexibility to make the most of your travel experience.

Travel Consultant
  • Place of birth: Tehran, Iran
  • Experience in Travel and Tourism: 11 Years
  • Favorite Destination: California, Disney World Castle
  • Joined Apadana Travel in April 2023

Sarah is a highly qualified professional who holds a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from the University of Applied Science and Technology. With a commendable career spanning 11 years in the travel and tourism industry, Sarah has been an indispensable part of Top Tours, a distinguished travel agency known for its commitment to excellence.

Throughout her tenure at Top Tours, Sarah’s dedication and passion for delivering exceptional service have been evident. Her unique blend of academic knowledge in hotel management and practical experience has made her a valuable asset to the agency. Her customer-centric approach, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to excellence have significantly contributed to the sustained growth and success of Top Tours.

In April 2023, Sarah embarked on a new chapter by joining Apadana Travel Corp. Her initial experiences at Apadana Travel Corp have been highly positive. The work environment fosters productivity and collaboration, allowing for professional growth and skill enhancement. Sarah expresses gratitude for the supportive atmosphere and looks forward to furthering her career with Apadana Travel Corp.

Personal Travel Tip:
“Pack light, stay open to surprises, and savor the unplanned moments for the best travel


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