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Most children in the world dream about Disney’s stories, their adventures and characters. They love their songs and want to collect all related toys and plush. And this come from a long time, many of these children are already grown-ups but the fascination about the unreal world is still vivid in their minds and they love taking their children for a family vacation to Orlando and become a kid once...
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It can be overwhelming to plan a trip to Alaska. What are the best spots to see bears or moose or beautiful sunsets? Do you want to spend a lot of time in one area exploring the wilderness and mountains or make those side excursions while visiting Alaska’s diverse cities? Because Alaska is so big, it’s divided into 5 regions—starts your planning by learning about these different locations. Alaska is...
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It was a usual working day in the beginning of 2015. Everything looked pretty much normal on a lazy Monday. Then I was invited for a meeting which I wasn’t prepared for: they laid me off after almost seven years working in this airline. I called my ‘bro-friend’ (my soul brother) who is a flight attendant in the same company a few hours later to tell the news. Instead of...
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1. DUBLIN If there’s one thing the Irish are famous for, it’s their love of a good time, and where better to be wooed by the Emerald Isle’s charm than in Dublin? In less than an hour and a half you could be in the fair city, perfect for nipping over to on the bank holiday weekend. History lovers will love the incredible library at The Long Room of Trinity...
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Paese che vai, usanza che trovi… or… When in Rome, do as the Romans do… Talking about Rome, it’s impossible not thinking of the iconic architecture, the history, the energy, the food and the wines. So, here are some tips for your next trip to Rome! Walking around the famous Coliseum, you can go into an underground tour inside of it with a guide telling the story of gladiators and the ancient Rome...
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