It’s been a long way until we get to explore everything Brazil has to offer. You could flip through the stunning Northeast, the European South and the metropolitan Southeast. On this encounter, you will take a look at Central West region, which has only three states and the purpose-built Federal District, the national capital, Brasília....
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Cambodia is filled with beautiful sites, including what it is most popular for: the Angkor Wat temple complex. Other than the stunning archaeological ruins scattered throughout the country, visitors will also see beautiful nature reserves, untouched beaches, and various exotic animals. Other aspects of the country that shouldn’t be missed are the Angkor Night Market,...
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When we talk about Brazil, we need to have in mind that it is a huge country impossible to be labeled in just one way. The country has different influences, cultures, food, weather, vocabulary, slangs and idioms you name it. As a matter of fact, many people think that in Brazil the official language is...
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