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Curious about ancient civilization? Iran is your best to go. Anciently known as Persia, Iran has the most stunning cultural plethora in all of Western Asia. Sightings here are from a different world, and every tourist is welcomed with a warm air of friendly hospitality. In the ancient cities of Esfahan, Persepolis and Yazd, you would witness the glory of unique Islamic architecture. Talk about natural wonders, talk about Iran. The unbelievable rock formations in Lut Desert, blood red Lake of Urmia, snaky Margoon Waterfall, Qeshm’s salt caves and bumpy Mount Damavand are only a few of what Apadana Travels would help you hunt.


spain-apadana-travelSpain is a separate little world of culturally diverse cities, beaches with the exotic Spanish touch, tunes of Spanish Flamenco, and memoirs of proud history. Spanish churches, museums and art galleries that would strike you with awe. Segovia, Spanish’s great Roman engineered empire, would welcome you with the hospitality that runs back to 1st century AD. Mike Posner took a pill in Ibiza; did you even know Ibiza is one of the most breathtaking beach cities on the planet? Spain has all of this and much more, Apadana would make sure you miss none of it!


Even if you are the classic reader of Dante’s Inferno or the common fan of Asterix and Obelix, you grew up with stories of Italy, the Roman Empire. Out of floating Venice, sky-high Milan, colossal Rome and iconic Florence, it is hard to say where you should most look forward to. The fascinating Pizza tower and the Great city of Rome would bubble up with excited people, while your pizza and pasta would bubble up with perfect Italian mozzarella. Apadana takes you journeying through all faces of Italy, the historical legend, the opulent cuisine, and the natural wonders of giant lakes and unspoiled beaches.


The Cradle of Western Civilization. Greece exactly, ten points to you. The ancient Acropolis of Athens is the home of the most surprising art of architecture in the world, whilst its islands promise you some of the best views ever in earth’s beach picture book. Greece has some thousand islands, sitting peacefully amidst the calm seas of Ionian. The cobalt of Greek beaches is said to be seen nowhere else in the world. Thanks to Greece’s climate, there is plenty of sun for you, plenty of sunny fun. With Apadana Travels, get to know all of Greece’s ancient historical glory, vibrant environment, and vivacious nightlife.


Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Then there is no better medicine for you than Croatia. Majestic shooting locations of King’s Landing to the City of Quarth, Croatia unfolds live Game of Thrones episodes in front of you. Apart from that, Dubrovnik – the Jewel of Croatia, the old walled city of magical charm is a must-see. With Apadana Travels, enjoy the pebbly warmth of crystal beaches of Croatia, trek your way through mountains, photograph yourself among Roman ruins, and walk freely among the forests and emerald waterfalls.


Iceland is nothing else but ice, you might say. Wrong, because. Iceland is a geological miracle. The country has a fascinating blend of icy glaciers, emerald natural reserves, spooky volcanoes, scorching hot springs and lava fields that stretch out for miles. Worry no more about ice, because Apadana Travels knows how to spice up the variety of your journey. Either you will be enjoying a Viking night in Reykjavik or will be gazing at the natural discotheque of northern lights in a remote ice patch. God might have spent some extra time adding this stunning twist of geography to Iceland. Any doubts? Join us, we will show you.


Home to the world-famous Machu Picchu ruins, top-notch Lima hotels and the Amazon regions open for tropical treks, Peru is among the most visited tourist destinations in South America. The ancient city of Machu Picchu takes you back in time. Everywhere in Peru has some old, ancient, storybook tinge to it. The megadiverse environment and dark green Amazon zones highlight its natural beauty. Lake Titicaca, the historical city of Cuzco, and the golden beaches make the Peruvian journey more special. Get onboard with Apadana Travel to enjoy an all-inclusive Peruvian expedition.


You might see it in movies, read about it in books, but none of these does justice till you see Brazil for yourself. City of Rio de Janeiro is simply wizardry, with the majestic Christ the Redeemer holding out his hands to welcome you from heaven, and the beach of Copacabana with crisp fun for everybody. Northern Brazil is layered by the massive Amazon basin, the megadiverse rainforest you had dreamt of entering. From South, the Iguacu reserve sits like a gigantic natural wonder, with the royal cascade of Iguacu Falls. Apadana Travel would escort you to see Brazil’s best destinations. Brace yourselves!


Ecuador is the best budget travel destination. Starting off with Charles Darwin’s famous Galapagos Islands, Ecuador ends up being one of the best places for people to live. Things are cheap, light and simple; you could almost feel at home. Nowhere else in the world matches the Galapagos experience, where wildlife strays most absentmindedly and nature glows so blue and green. Quito, the amazing colonial city has building structures that would drop your jaw. The city of Cuenca is so nice that people end up moving to Ecuador. Amongst the Andes and the cloud forest, Apadana Travels promise you a beautiful stay in this piece of paradise.


river gorge columbiaColombia is finally a perfect tourist destination after years of unsettlement. You might know Colombia if you watch Narcos, but drug dealing is not what attracts people to Colombia. There is much more to see, like beautiful street arts by Medellin roadsides, Cartagena – the colourful colonial city where many movies had been shot, Tayrona National Park, the most beautiful park ever in South America. Lose yourself in the glowing magic of the Zipaquira underground Salt Cathedral. With the best diving, bird watching and cycling hotspots of the world, Colombia does not disappoint.

South America is incomplete without the Colombian experience of beautiful colonial cities, exotic beaches and a striking natural biodiversity. The city of Medellin where the spring never ends is so different from the city of Cartagena where the colonial twist of taste never ends. Colombia is a hotspot if you want to see diversity, because the country bubbles with divergence back and forth between tropical rainforest parks, crystal beaches ideal for diving, and mountains that offer the best cycling tracks in the planet. Going now from Colombia to Ecuador. Galapagos Island is not the only thing that is great about Ecuador. The calm, exquisite cities have friendly people, awesome street food, tranquil walks and beautiful buildings that will drop jaws. Galapagos Islands still eclipse every other attraction though, because it is like a dream come true with all the unique wildlife and beautiful natural nooks.


Anyone up for some original Tango? Argentina is the place to go to. Probably one of the most romantic cities in the world, Buenos Aires has lovely cafes, beautiful ballroom nights and an ever-glowing charm of music, love and dance. The days you spend in Buenos would be completely different from the days you spend in the Andes mountain range or the Perito Moreno Glacier. Days of romancing, enjoying steaming coffee or dancing to the bouncy tango beats can change in a matter of hours into horseback riding, windsurfing, rafting, paragliding and a lot of more adventures. If you plan to choose Peru, you are definitely thinking straight. Nothing in the world history ever beats the ruins of Machu Picchu, the Inca Citadel which is still officially among the 7 greatest wonders of Earth. Peruvian beaches are said to have golden sand, and the country also has a luxury hotel base that attracts millions of tourists each year. Lima with its plush beaches and excellent cuisine, Lake Titicaca with the magnificent ruins ringing the banks, and Cusco with Incan ruins make Peru one of the best places to go in South America.

Caribbean Islands

Aruba, the South American island that belongs to the Caribbean islands, is simply the best place to go for a tropical, sunny honeymoon or a relaxing solitary expedition. Aruba has several beaches ideal for swimming, diving, snorkelling, and simply relaxing in your own little cabana if nothing else. The turquoise beaches in Aruba add up a varied beauty to the sunny Southern American scene. Long stretching Chile actually resembles chilli, yet contains even more spice. Santiago, the cultural capital surrounded on all ends by mountains where you can hike in and a coastal belt where you can dip yourselves in. The national park of Torres Del Paine has glaciers, icebergs and forest patches that would take your breath away. On the other end in central South America, Bolivia stands proud and elegant. The country’s beauty is not one dimensional, instead of shares a huge variety of desserts, lakes forests jungles and mountains. Beautiful pink patches of flamingos spread on an alabaster white sheet of the world’s largest salt flat. Bolivia shares Lake Titicaca with Peru, and the Bolivian capital La Paz has a street market that surely has something for you too. Less visited yet still glorious Venezuela cannot be forgotten, because it is in the list of 20 most megadiverse countries in the world. Did you even know that the world’s highest waterfall is located here, and that can you actually come to Venezuela to see it for yourself before you die? Also not to forget: Margarita Island in Venezuela has more than 50 beaches, all perfectly tranquil and beautiful. Believe it or not, Venezuela offers an experience you can have nowhere else in the world. Original, lively, and megadiverse to the truest sense!


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