Central America and the Caribbean

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Central America is a tropical wonder with everything you need in a vacation, sunshine on your skin, salt in your hair and excited pounding in your heart. Volcanoes that point up in colossal pride, beaches that boast of the bluest of all hues of blue any ocean has ever known, exotic cultural diversity that showcases the vibrancy of  Mayan villages, tropical rainforests mothering pastel dots of butterflies, ever-so-sluggish sloth bears, and a countless variety of fauna and flora. That is Central America for you, people!

South of Mexico in the Central American subcontinent sits the Mayan Kingdom of Guatemala. You might have seen lakes, but Atitlan Lake would beat them all. The beauty of the midnight blue lake lying in the deep volcanic crater is of a mystic kind. Surrounded by a ring of volcanoes, the lake offers a vast choice of activity from trekking in the mountains to paddling and paragliding in and over the lake. The cities in Guatemala are not just cities, but landmarks of cultural awe, shopping is not just shopping but a treasure hunt of cultural handicrafts.

Do you want to know what else is great in Central America? Mexican beaches! The Mexican Riviera Maya, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Mazatlan and Playa Del Carmen are coastal strips renowned for their breathtaking views. Does anyone remember seeing cobalt blue, white sandy, dreamlike beaches in your favourite movies? If you thought that beauty was just a camera trick, Mexico proves you wrong. The broad sunlight bounces off the ocean to reveal wonders underwater for snorkelers and divers, while at night the beaches turn to iridescent blots of light, warm toasts of champagne and salty winds of music.

What is the bridge of the world – the heart of the universe? AKA, Panama. The engineering technology of Panama shipping canal that cuts through the isthmus to connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans surprises the whole world. Panama City is a perfect blending of modern and colonial living. Panama’s San Blas Islands, Bocas Del Toro fulfills all your ocean adventure needs. You can snorkel away in San Blas, shop away in Panama City, or hike away in Gamboa Rainforest Reserve.

If I were to define “magical”, I would simply just do it with one word: Belize. This Central American paradise with alabaster Caribbean beaches and lush rainforest jungles is a major tourist attraction. The Great Blue Hole near Belize barrier reef has been a dent of oceanic surprises for enthusiastic scuba divers from all over the world. Belize’s Jaguar population in the dense forests, wildlife refuges and bird watching spots, dark caves and emerald beaches all join together to make your experience a romantic, adventurous, relaxing getaway.

Caribbean Islands

There is a reason why it is “Pirates of the Caribbean” and not Pirates of somewhere else. A treasure hive for Captain Jack Sparrow, an entertainment hive for you! Out of the 28 island states, and the oh-not-so-tiny collection of around 7000 individual islands in the Caribbean, picking a few is a choice that hurts. But among the popular bests are Jamaica, Cuba, Dominica, Turks and Caicos, Grenada, Grand Cayman, Palm Island, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, and Barbados. It is no secret that the Caribbean region is where you should head to if you are aiming beaches. Nowhere else in the world may you, dear reader, ever find the likeness of turquoise beaches like those you would find in the Caribbean. In Jamaica, it is quite difficult to say which we love best: Jamaican beaches or Jamaican Reggae. Tropical Barbados is the kingdom of beaches, and it also has cities with British colonial ruins. If you have not heard of the underwater sculpture park in Grenada, (I really doubt that) it is best to get there and check for yourselves. God! And isn’t Aruba heaven! The natural pool in Aruba, the magical sunset in Saint Lucia, cute cabanas in Puerto Rico, scuba diving in Grand Cayman can collaboratively give you the best expedition of your whole life. Soon you would find yourself commenting on all your future foreign tours; “This was nice, but nothing beats the Caribbean!”

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic“Dominican Republic has it all.” The slogan does not mislead. This sundried nation in Central America is famous for its exquisite beaches and resorts. Punta Cana is the ultimate Dominican tourism hub for the best golf courses, hot springs, best resorts and beaches. If you go to Santo Domingo, the Caribbean Capital where history never died, you are in for a great historical adventure to explore Medieval and Renaissance art in the form of museums, buildings that speak for a several hundred years back. Las Galeras and Samana Bay are ideal locations to watch humpback whales gliding like giants in and out of the ocean. Choices for beaches are endless, while the ecotourism flourishes in areas like Cabrera, San Cristobal and Monte Cristi. Dominican beaches are numberless, each of them equal in their glamour, but different in their experience. We can talk about the Dominican Republic forever, but it has already started to sound like a fairytale that I fear it might disappear in a puff of magic smoke!

Cuba and Central America

Say Havana, say Salsa. Cuba is best-known for its Havana capital because of the beaches, the architecture that belongs in colonial times, and unique Salsa vibes. Smoke a Havana cigar, sit back, and enjoy some Havana tunes, you can ask for nothing more!  Cuba also owns Cayo Coco – the isle of sky blue beaches and pink Flamingos, Vinales – the heart of botanical gardens and farming, Trinidad – where colonial architecture still lives, Baracoa – backpackers’ favourite …and much more!

Interests of tourism in Central America have been rocketing up with safe, interesting travel options. As a sunny vacation getaway from the cold and stiff winter, Caribbean works better than anyplace else. With an unbelievable bio and cultural diversity, the huge choice of activities would keep you busy throughout the entire stay.

From eccentric Mayan cooking in Guatemala to that much-needed shot of Rum in Barbados, Central America intoxicates. It just does.


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